White Electric Heated Towel Rail Smart Electric Towel Rack Bathroom Cloth Screen Dryer Towel

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Brand Name: WJNMONE


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Surface Finishing: Lacquered

Install Style: Wall Mounted Type

Type: Wall Mounted

Installation method 2: nail-free installation

Color: black, white, gray

Specifications: Upgrade standard paragraph


Name: Intelligent electric heating towel rack
Material: Aluminum
Color: white, black, gray
Rated power: 90-160W
Plug standards: CN standard, AU standard, US standard, EU standard, UK standard
Features: Electric heating towel rack can quickly dry towels and clothing, prevent bacterial growth, and prevent the generation of odors. It is often used for home style decoration

    Nail free installation steps 

1. Assemble the product, press the towel rack on the wall, and mark the installation position
2. Remove the patch and tear off the double-sided adhesive tape on the back of the patch.
3 Stick the patch on the marked 4 installation positions to complete the initial adhesion positioning
4. Press and hold the patch, and screw the rubber particles on the patch until the glue overflows from the holes around the patch, then the glue injection is completed.
5. After the glue injection is completed, stand still for 72 hours and wait for the glue to solidify (the product cannot be installed during this period)
6. After the glue is completely solidified, install the veneer decorative cap.
7. Tighten the screw accessories on the wall panel
8. Set the product on the wall panel
9. Tighten the fixing screws with a hexagonal wrench and install them.